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(NPSFL) Charlotte Cobras

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

National Public Safety Football League

Charlotte Cobras

2015 National Champions

The Carolina Panthers and the Charlotte Hornets are obviously household names in the Carolinas and even across the country. The Charlotte Cobras, however, are a local full-contact football team compromised of Charlotte's Public Safety employees. It also doesn't hurt to mention that they were National Champions in 2015 when they beat out the San Diego Enforcers to win the title.

The first time I heard of the Cobras team was during an annual physical exam and it surprised me that the team wasn’t as well-known outside of the departments. I thought this newsletter blog would be a good opportunity to bring attention to the group and highlight the Cobras program and how the community can stay up-to-date with their games, players, and seasons.

Be sure to check out more information on how we can support the Cobras. They‘re currently funded internally and through game proceeds so any opportunities to go watch a game and support our Charlotte Police and Fire can help continue their program in multiple ways. For more information; check out the links below!

Check out the website for the (NPSFL) National Public Safety Football League’s team schedules, standings, and champions from past years.

Here is the Charlotte Cobras’ dedicated website to see info on the players and coaching staff as well as check out photos from various games and practices.

Flashback to the Cobras’ 2015 National Championship coverage

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