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HIPAA and Protecting Health Information

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

In 1996, the federal government passed a law known as The Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The law required the creation of national standards that protect sensitive patient health information from being disclosed without the patient’s consent or knowledge. The Privacy Rule under HIPAA regulates how certain entities, called covered entities, use and disclose certain individually identifiable health information, called protected health information.

At Reserve Health, HIPAA is taken very seriously. Every employee that joins the team is required to attend a training course during their onboarding on the importance of protecting patients’ healthcare information. As an organization, we do not disclose any information to the employer about who is utilizing the services offered.

Under the law of HIPAA, patients utilizing the other services offered to the public safety employees free of charge including behavioral health counseling, physical therapy, health coaching, and exercise physiology are completely private. Solely utilizing these services will not impact an employee’s employment because, under HIPAA, we legally cannot disclose any patient identifiable information.

The only information that is offered to the employer is that which the employee consents to during their visit and any mandated forms filled out by the patient for their clearance. If you have any further questions on HIPAA as it relates to your patient-sensitive information and/or attending any of the ancillary services offered to you free of charge, please contact us.

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Source: HHS Website

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